We optimise
long haul trucking.

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smart logistics optimization platform

Connecting freight
with trucks in route

Innroute is a smart logistics SaaS marketplace providing e-services and management solutions in the immediate freight market.

No more gaps
sell your transport services while en route.

Reduce your empty journeys and increase your load capacity usage. We automatically match your
available load capacity with freight based on real time updated data.

Forget about tedious manual freight search. Connect faster with our trusted network of partners and securely
complete the transaction through our platform.

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we help you with your decisions

We deliver you build-in analysis reports of your whole business processes, empowering you to take better decisions.

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Easily find trusted carriers
find better deals, reduce your shipping timings.

Find only the best, enter a security network of trusted partners. In innroute all of our carriers are verified
assuring the optimal environment for your shipments.

Our solution finds in seconds the nearest vehicle with enough load capacity for your specific needs.
Letting you manage all your shipments transactions through our easy online booking platform.

We are driven by efficiency, with the objective of reducing the cost of your unplanned and last minute shippings.

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innroute delivers security

Innroute delivers security
We keep your data safe and compliant

  • Our commitment to client’s privacy and data protection is the pillar of our foundation.
  • We deliver the highest standards of cyber security, by having all transactions SSL encrypted.

“On a mission to optimise the road transport network by
creating efficient freight sharing opportunities”

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